How to get better examination results is a question that you might ask, whether you are a child or an adult. If this sounds like you, and you feel stressed because you urgently need to find out how to unlock success in examinations, read on!

You can get better examination results because you have the ability to think, and this gives you the power to change.

Because of this ability you can set your mind on the road to success in examination success and beyond that, to success in all your endeavours, no matter how dismal your results may seem at first. 

And so, turning your negatives into positives in your approach is my recommendation for how to get better results, in CSEC or in any other examination.  This applies to life as well.  You are what you think. Therefore, negative ways of thinking can sabotage your efforts to face your fears and get positive and indeed, superlative results in examinations and in life.

Here are 3 examples of negative ways of thinking which interfere with your ability to prepare effectively to master any kind of examination that you have to take. 

1.NEGATIVITY– you cannot see the good things about the present, because you cannot forget the bad things about the past. To overcome this, you should use the power of positive affirmations to keep your mind in the present.

2. REGRET- An excess of nostalgia or wallowing in the belief that the past was somehow better than the present.
You can slay this destroyer of happiness by never looking backward without being thankful that you are alive in the present; also, you should always affirm that the future is yours to look forward to.

3. LONELINESS: Fear of one’s own company fosters a corresponding inability to cultivate friends and companions. You should remember that you are a part of the human family; and everyone needs to cultivate and care for genuine friends and constant companions, just as you cultivate and care for pets and plants.

Think about it. These negative ways of thinking could beat least one source of many of the negative, debilitating emotions that interfere with your efforts to achieve outstanding results.  Yet, there is hope! You experience negative thoughts and the emotions associated with them as large and overwhelming.   However, they can be subdued into the positive emotions that energize your drive to be successful. The best option to being overwhelmed by an accumulation of  of negatives in your life is to make changes that Turn Negatives into Positives.

Everyday negatives (such as challenges to how you think about your ability to pass your exams) are often experienced large and overwhelming.

However, they cannot ruin your self-esteem, when you have found your center and settled there.  When you find your center, that is, your inner self, it means that you can say “At last I am free to be who I was born to be.” It means that you can reach then out and grasp success. You can do this through using the tool of Insight which you find there within your center of Being. And once you have become acquainted with Insight, you never have to let go of her again, for Insight is always to be found at the center of your Being.


When you have found your center, you will naturally get better results. This is because, as a result of finding your center and settling there, you will automatically get peace of mind. this  means that you will receive:
• peace where there was distress
• hope where there was despair
• self-love where there was self-hate.

Through insight, you will know when and how to grope your way away from the ‘edge’, whenever it is falling apart, back to the center which holds your life together. You will always be able to say with certainty, “I am free to be myself; I am free to be a success!”

Here are 2 questions for you.

(i)What do you need to do to achieve your goal of finding your center?

(ii)What do you need to stop doing in order to achieve your goal?
Assuming that your answer to question number 1 goal is:  I must turn my negatives into positives, here are three keys for turning negatives into positives .


There is no need for you or anyone today to live with the anguish of a constant sense of fear and failure because you were unable to grasp certain concepts, such as science, English or math in school.

A wise man stated long ago, (and his words are still relevant today) that anyone can have some block that prevents the mind from allowing you to learn as well as you should, at an early age.

This is no surprise! Imagine how many things your mind has to get you ready to accomplish cognitive development, the ability to learn effectively before you are twelve years old! Why didn’t you learn all that you needed to learn when you were a child in school? Perhaps you found that when you reached a particular age or a stated grade in school, you started to fail at some subjects that you were previously good at. And like so many others of us, you either gave up, or you found yourself suddenly at the back of the class.
Here’s some good news for you! Your problems with learning were probably temporary, because you were passing through a particular stage of development. Your
problem was in effect, like a window which had closed for a while, but would open at a later time!
For some people, this ‘window’ will reopen when you have reached a further developmental milestone, after graduation from high school, as you enter the adult stage of life!


A SWOT ANALYSIS is an easy way to help you to set goals and objectives and use them to plan the steps for how you will train yourself to utilize the three golden keys that you will use to open up the door to get better exam results.

These could be as follows:

STRENGTHS: the abilities or traits that you have which can make you be as good as or even better than other people.

WEAKNESSES: the abilities or traits that you have that make you feel that others are better than you.
OPPORTUNITIES: the way the learning institution is set up so that you have a really great opportunity to excel at learning right now.

THREATS: anything in your present learning environment that could cause distract you and make you be less successful than you ought to be.

A SWOT analysis will also help you to identify and plan for any potential problems that you are likely to have as you try to reach your goal. When you ask yourself questions that relate to your educational goals, the answers that present themselves to you will help you to set your goals in each category. You should then identify potential problems and plan ways of overcoming them. Two good examples of these problems are:

Financial – getting a student loan, for example:
Motivational for example, having the necessary drive to actually start school.

Think about how happy you’ll feel when you’ve actually completed your courses of choice, and become employed! this is what the three golden keys to success are for!


When you channel it properly, your imagination can become a conduit for turning your most negative experiences and emotions into positive results. In other words, negative experiences can be channeled into big, big dreams. By holding on to your ability to develop your special dream, even when things are not going right, you develop your ability to turn those positives into superlatives! This is another important one of the golden keys to turn negatives into positives and success!

In summary: belief in yourself and in your ability to turn your negatives into positives and your positives into superlatives, is the best way to ensure that you achieve your goals in life!


To get better exam results, remember the saying: whatever your mind can conceive, and you believe, you CAN achieve. As you think back to where you might have heard it first, remember that it implies that you need to work really hard in order to make your thoughts materialize to the extent that you can put them into words. And by applying this strategy, you can certainly get better examination success.

If better examination results translate into the key to success, hard work is the oil that enables the key to run smoothly! Therefore, this is exactly what you need to do! As soon as you have completed your plans for turning your negatives into positives and superlatives, you need to immediately put them into action!

IN CONCLUSION: Always remember that, as Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” In other words, always channel your imagination away from negatives and into positives. In other words, dream ‘big dreams’ and work hard to make them come true.  By doing so, you  would have taken possession of your 3 three keys to unlocking your discovery of how to get better results in examinations and in life in general.




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I’m an English and Language Arts and Business Communication Master teacher and coach, aspiring blogger and small business operator. I also love psychology and art, so expect to see all kinds of ways that I try to use these skills to help you to explore your concerns here

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