Amazing follow Your Dreams journalGet an amazing Follow Your Dreams journal and look forward to seeing a measurable difference in your mood, self-awareness and self-confidence, as you begin to experience surges of your happiness.

You will be well on your way to successfully leaving your past behind, as you follow your dreams into the future!

So, if you are haunted by the past and afraid of the future, never fear! Make a Follow Your Dreams Manual and/or Personal Journal be your new best friend!

SOME BENEFITS OF GETTING AND USING A FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS JOURNAL                                                                                 (as pictured here)


A. Use the journal as your personal coach/self-care manual. This should not be difficult, since it has many desirable features.


  • Attractive and easy to use. Just start each day with one positive affirmation and repeat it periodically until bedtime.
  • A ‘Notes to Myself’ section to jot down ideas that come to you. Challenge yourself to manage your thoughts throughout the day.
  • A vision board is an effective investment, so you can begin to conceptualize your dreams.

B. Challenge yourself to set S.M.A.R.T. goals by developing a self-improvement project, utilizing the vision board and personal journal sections.               

  • Develop self-help and self-healing by the time you finish writing on the last page. You will:
  • Start to get on with your life immediately. Increase self-esteem and catch hold of the greatness that you know is inside you.
  • Teach yourself to control your negative thought patterns, leave the past behind and press forward to follow your dreams.

C.  Develop your self- confidence and self- esteem.

  • Use visualization to establish a sense of who you want to be, where, when, why, and how.
  • Challenge yourself-Practical -pin in a space where you can interact with them daily.
  • Self – trigger a powerful incentive for you to move forward.

D. Develop creativity and personal talent.

  • You can also use the journaling pages to write more detailed ideas about your hopes and dreams.
  • Express your creativity in any way you choose and be amazed at the progress that you can make in just three to six months.
  • Remember: There is no limit to what you can achieve when you follow your dreams.

E. A Vision Board is a wonderful way to provide an incentive to move forward.

  • The best way is not through self- aggrandizement, but by visualization of who you want to be, where, when why and how.
  • Images of who you dream of being, as that you pin in a space where you can interact with them daily, can trigger a powerful incentive for you to move forward.
  • Use them wisely, and see your self-confidence grow in proportion to your previous lack.

F. Overall, a Follow Your Dreams journal is a plus for using Affirmations for Everyday Self-love 

  • Start each day with one positive affirmation and repeat it periodically until bedtime.
  • Use the ‘Journaling’ section to jot down ideas that come to you throughout the day.
  • Write what comes to mind when you read the prompts that you see at the top of each page.

So, dare to get a journal, record your dreams, and do whatever it takes to follow and eventually catch up with them.

Do not be afraid to express your thoughts completely, in a Follow your Dreams journal. For remember, you are writing in your journal to yourself alone. Always keep a Follow Your Dreams journal by your bedside, or in bed with you if necessary.

You can use them to guide you as you reach for your dreams, not just those that come to you during your sleep, but those that are spun from your waking thoughts, through contemplation of your dreams, your imagination and other God-given ways of awakening the powers that lie dormant within you.

And so, by mastering the fear of failure, and following your dreams, you will be successful. This means that, as you begin your journey to reach your heart’s desire – as you follow your dreams, you can become your own motivator.  and do whatever you need to do to make your dreams become realized.

Try this, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

You might like to read more about the nature of your dreams in the Encyclopedia Britannica ,HERE

Written by Lorna A Fraser, M.A., Dip. ED, C.C.

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