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Here are 3 ways to neutralize toxic memories, so that they stop having  power over you. If you are one of those persons who constantly review details of bad things that happened in the past, trying to understand why they happened, this is for you!

Have you ever thought that indulging your toxic memories only imprint them in your imagination? Studies have shown that they take away your peace of mind, instead of giving you the answers which you seek as to why they happened.

So, stop putting yourself to further stress by trying to understand why bad things happened to you in the past. Instead, neutralize toxic memories. Neutralize them by making a conscious effort to live in the present and prepare for the future. Think about the solutions offered below, or make up others of your own. And after doing so, take affirmative actions as needed. 



One of the most obvious negatives of modern life is stress. And sooner or later, the stresses of modern life and the fast pace of everyday living robs you of your peace of mind. However, the finding of peace of mind is the main therapeutic value of releasing the past to God. By doing so, you allow God’s promises in His Word to provide the solution for the problem. Do this by focusing on the present and the future, which you can control, rather than on the past, which you cannot control.

Letting  go of the toxic memories of the past God’s promises in His Word will be great. You will begin to  think about how wonderful it is that you are not alone in the present, even if in your moments of darkest desperation are instigated by your obsession with the past.  This strongly suggests that you can endure anything when it seems you can endure no more.

As you read and release your past to God, your toxic memories will diminish in intensity. You will be likely to have moments of epiphany that you can compare to a sudden light that appears at the end of a tunnel. Therefore, you can see why I suggest that God’s promises in His Word can therefore serve as a guide, so that you can emerge to live again in hope.

Hope is a secondary part of the therapeutic value of God’s promises in His Word. Hope brings peace of mind because:

You empathize with the content of God’s promises.  It leads you to think there is a favourable outcome for you as the receiver of the promises.  You should therefore be able to claim a similar outcome for yourself. You should therefore be able to reach the conclusion that you can emerge from your own feelings of anxiety, fear and grief, to be happy again.

Releasing the past as the source of toxic memories by meditating on God’s promises in His Word is probably better for your peace of mind than you might expect. In addition, God’s promises in His Word come in many different forms, including music and song! Along with a healthy diet, these are positive ways to build up your physical and mental capacity and to increase your ability to deal with stress, so that you do not store up more toxic memories for the future.

Reading about God’s promises in His Word helped me to do what I suggest here. I learned the value of releasing the memory of past problems to God.  when  When you admit your own inability to make a difference on your own, things get better. In other words, give it up, to a higher power! Either do what you can to help or admit your inability to make a difference on your own, then move on.

Read Ps 37, 28, 29, 30


Neutralizing toxic memories through mediation should be an obvious thing to try. I suggest that meditation is well worth trying, because it frees your mind to such an extent. Yout you become much more open to the positive ions that conduct hope joy, positivity and superlative results in your life.

For example: meditate on the following;

     You are not one of those negative thoughts and images of despair . . .   The door of your real self lies outside of yourself . . .   You look into the now that is outside yourself, that sees into the soul of yourself. . .

What are you doing, and why? Being outside of yourself means that you are the Watcher, the one who knows the meaning of your life. . . So, between and behind your thoughts, you will find the real you, your soul in the present, seen from the distance of time . . .

Meditation is also an aid to gain access to the power of God working within you and through His creatures such as birds, butterflies and bees that you delight to observe. and which enable your spirit to access the power of the Master of the Universe.


An image of butterflies that help to neutralize toxic memories, by LA Fraser ja
butterflies help to calm he spirit

Although there are different approaches to achieving peace of mind, one of the most effective is through spending time in communion with nature, as in the photo above.

Watching the beauty of the butterflies as they flitter about or listening to the melodious songs of birds usually brings calm to a troubled spirit. You can be one with the butterfly that flits above the flower, or the moth that flits around the flame, and yet does not fall into it.

For not all moths go into the flame, despite what you might think, a few escape, so why not you? Some fly towards the moon, why not you? The moth to the moon, or the moon to the moth; there is a path that leads you towards life, health, and joy. You own the eye that sees the way to achieving superlative results in life!


Whenever there is something worthwhile to be gained, there are usually obstacles to be overcome. Failure is a word that adequately covers such obstacles. Think about how many famous persons  overcame early failures and went on to achieve great things in life.  You can do so too, by applying the following guidelines below to yourself.


WHAT IS YOUR PLAN FOR THE FUTURE?                                                                                       
• What do I want to achieve in my future?
• When do I expect to see positive developments?


• Who are some role models that can help me to define my vision?
• Where will I be, before, during and after making the positive changes that I desire?


• How much time do I envision before the positive changes occur?
• How will I get the necessary experience needed to make my efforts really count?


NEUTRALIZE MEMORIES OF SOCIAL ISOLATION. Will you be determined to find your niche in society, make and carry out a plan to do so? How soon will you be able to adopt and affirm a new, positive attitude to life? Whenever you decide to take this step, you will see positive changes in your life. So, work hard to do so without delay!

COMMIT TO DIET -EAT RIGHT,  AND AVOID AN EXCESS OF PROCESSED FOODS. If you agree to do this, you should also see the need to go easy on sugar , salt and fats. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also, ensure that you drink plenty of pure water.

GET ADEQUATE REST, AT LEAST 7 – 8 HOURS OF SLEEP NIGHTLY. Go to bed at a reasonable hour each night. Avoid working on your computer or using your cellphone in the bedroom. Ensure that your bedroom is dark, cool and quiet

 EXERCISE – ACTIVITY IS IMPORTANT FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH – Will you commit to adequate exercise as the perfect antidote to the kind of sedentary lifestyle that encourages daydreaming rather than dreaming?  Will you go to the gym, take a yoga class, or take up walking/power walking? Exercise, fresh air and sunshine, taken together, are an excellent formula for the healing of body and soul. This is a formula that can stimulate the appetite. Try it! Give  your body access to the fuel it needs to function properly.

SO, MAKE A COMMITMENT.    If you can take the prior steps (and there is no reason why you shouldn’t) you can start to enjoy the superlative results that must follow. This means that you can experience  healing of the whole person! Whether you were a child or adult, when you were hurt by adverse circumstances, your toxic memories of these events can be neutralized. Get plenty of  fresh air and exercise.  Adopt a healthy diet. Accept the benefits of natural foods as help as from the tree of life for the healing of the nations. Read more about this in Revelation 22.     

Neutralize toxic memories by learning how to think less about the past. Instead, look ahead and plan for your future.    By doing so, you set yourself a blue- print for wholeness.   And by  achieving wholeness,  you neutralize the toxic memories that have kept you tied to the past . You can start to live a happy life in the present and plan for the future with hope.      
Look into the future: LA Fraser ja
Look into the Future


Written by Lorna A Fraser, M.A. Dip Ed
January 13, 2023


I’m an English and Language Arts and Business Communication Master teacher and coach, aspiring blogger and small business operator. I also love psychology and art, so expect to see all kinds of ways that I try to use these skills to help you to explore your concerns here

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